Psp go custom firmware 6.60 pro-b9

psp go custom firmware 6.60 pro-b9

psp go custom firmware 6.60 pro-b9

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OK press the X button and wait, and you should be returned to your XMB (home) screen, it would appear that nothing has changed but if you go to your system information and find that it should say PRO-B9 after 6.60, so 6.60 PRO-B9 Congratulations you now have installed custom firmware 6.60 PRO-B9 on to your PSP enjoy your homebrew.

Virtuous Flame has release new Custom Firmware and that is Compatible with Official Firmware 6.60! The new PRO-B9 has been ported on the Official firmware 6.60!! With this Custom Firmware, you don't need to downgrade your PSP! Now you can play your ISO and CSO games against! (+New+) 6.60 PRO-B10 fix 1 released for all psp units: Download it Here: Light Custom Firmware 6.60 PRO-B9 (FIX) +( …

 · In this video I will be showing you how to hack your psp version 6.60. It is very simple. **UPDATED 2015** Download link- PLEASE Like th...

 · En este tutorial les muestro como instalar el nuevo LCFW 6.60 PRO-B9, así como su desinstalación. Funciona en cualquier psp ya sea fat, slim, 3000 y Go con l...

 · 6.20 Firmware PSP - 620-PRO-2015-02-14_MOD-2015-03-33-F 6.39 Firmware PSP - 639-PRO-2015-02-14_MOD-2015-03-33-F 6.60 Firmware PSP - 660-PRO-2015-02-14_MOD-2015-03-33-F 6.61 Firmware PSP - 661-PRO-2015-02-14_MOD-2015-03-33-F The above are the latest compiled versions of Yoti's Pro C2 mod and should be considered stable Yoti stated. Issues with ...

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 · Hack ANY PSP to CFW 6.60 PRO-B10 (Safe and Easy)(1000, 2000, 3000, PSP GO) 2. Installing the custom firmware: Now Download the PSP 6.60 PRO-C2 custom firmware, inside this RAR file you will find 3x folders that you need: PROUPDATE FastRecovery CIPL_Flasher Copy the PROUPDATE to the PSP > Game folder on the memory card:

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